We use our experience of many years to make your wishes com true in the best feasible manner.

  1. Dry Processing of marble, limestone and travertine

    Processing of marble, limestone and travertine can be done before installation and   on elements already installed. In most cases, no wet process is required due to the low hardness of the materials, though some materials need impregnation after being processed, in particular, if intended for external installation

  2. Cutting and processing of materials of non-standard length

    Our machines have a wider range of capabilities for cutting and processing of stone and this enables us to handle non-standard lengths of material processed.  

  3. Wet diamond polishing method for granite and technical stone

    Wet diamond pad polishing, grinding and drilling of hard materials, such as granite and technical stone is a process needed due the specific features of the materials, in order to achieve the desired quality of processing. Use of quality consumables results in the desirable effect.